Some history and looking forward with a smile

I’m Paula Davis, owner of Canyon Creek Homestead, LLC and it’s an exciting time in my business and personal life. I’ve been on a personal journey toward a self-sufficient, off grid, homesteading lifestyle. My business is just a small part of that. I moved to rural Idaho in fall of 2018. I live on one acre that I don’t own, but I’m permitted to garden, keep poultry and do beekeeping. In those 2 1/2 years, I’ve added 13 large raised beds for my garden plus patio pots and smaller beds around the house and I’m currently building 5 more raised beds, so this summer there will be 18 large raised beds filled with produce! I have about 35 chickens ranging from a few years old to month old chicks I hatched from eggs. I have 5 ducks and am hatching 6 more now along with 15 turkey eggs, which will add to the one Tom and 3 female turkeys I own now. I raised and harvested 10 meat chickens last summer. I began beekeeping in Spring 2019. I keep red wigglers in vermiculture bins where I harvest their castings and make “worm casting tea” that is like a miracle for my gardens. I built my chicken and turkey coops myself from scratch using “found” wood and other materials. I build a 9′ x 4′ x 2′ duck pond with a pump, filter and fountain that gives my ducks a wonderful place to play and increases their enjoyment of life here on the little homestead. I spend spare time fly fishing, hiking, tent camping in the wilderness and doing some foraging for what’s in season like morels (soon), huckleberries and elderberries. I cook most everything I eat from scratch and will share a few recipes and tips as I go through this Blog. I’ll also be adding videos on YouTube that I’ll share here as well. I spent a TON of time this past year working on rebranding my products and changed the business name. I’m very happy with how everything came out and can’t wait to show you in person at upcoming events like the Spring Market Days in downtown Nampa, Saturday, April 24 and May 1 and then Eagle Saturday Market, where I’ll be most Saturdays all summer starting May 8! I added an exciting new product – Body Room & Linen Spray – that I believe customers are going to LOVE!!! I do! I’ve been asked for years to add a spray version of the Repel products, my natural insect repellent. It had only been available in soap, lotion and solid lotion … until now. Now the spray rounds out that collection beautifully. It’s also available in Entice, Escape, Invigorate, Nourish, Purify, Soothe, Unwind and Valiant. I’ll try to add a post here about once a week, to keep you updated on what’s going on and give you tips and encouragement. Always feel free to ask questions and give me suggestions on what you’d like to hear about or see! Until next time, be blessed and focus on the beauty and good all around you.

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